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ARA's new Communication hub: Higher Logic is launching and we are so excited to show
you what it is we are preparing for you! Higher Logic is going to be the new home base for all
communication for the ARA.

First, please visit:

Your login info: Your RAMCO portal information (RAMCO number and password)

Quick Links:
● My Profile : Use this to set up all your information. This allows you to customize how members see
you within the platform.
● Community Subscriptions: You will be subscribed to any communities (committees) in which you
are a member, this area allows you to control how often you are notified about what is going on in
your communities. Do you want to be notified in the platform and/or email? Do you want
immediate notification, a daily digest, or no information at all? You can control all this under this
● Privacy Settings: This allows you to control what the members of ARA can see on your profile.
● Latest Discussions: Area for you to post broad chat topics for all of membership to comment on
and discuss. This is not the area to discuss committee matters.
● Upcoming Events: All events that are upcoming from ARA
● Recent Shared Files: This the media library where you can share photos and documents to be
seen by all members.
● You will be invited to all communities that pertain to you. An ARA staff liaison will monitor and
manage this community.
● Within the communities, you can create chats (discussion posts), make announcements, and
share files related to that community.
● This community will, also, house all events and files shared within the community for your access
at all times.
● Access to a community is on a limited basis. You will remain in the community as long as you are
an active member of that committee or group. Going inactive with a said group will remove you
from that community.

Higher Logic will be the main spot for all communication regarding ARA. Any updates, events,
notifications, or releases will be pushed and promoted through the Higher Logic Platform.
Higher Logic is not a place for members to do business, any and all business-related items (referrals,
listings, etc.) will be removed from the platform immediately.
It is best practice for members to bookmark or save the website so that they can access the platform

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