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Social Media Tool Kit

The  social media assets in the 'click here' box below were developed to help you explain Local MLS Broker Marketplaces to your clients. We hope that you will use these to engage with your clients on the big picture and help us spread the word about local MLS broker marketplaces and how they foster competition and expand consumer access and opportunity. We encourage you to share these graphics on your preferred platforms. To accompany them, see suggested social media copy below. For guidance on posting best practices, see the Social Media Best Practices guide included in this kit.


We also want to remind you to check out that hosts additional key points, FAQs, articles and infographics on how local MLS broker marketplaces enable consumer access and opportunity, foster competition, and addressing how REALTORS® are champions for consumers. Also see, designed to aid consumers' understanding of broker services and how real estate professionals are compensated. 

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