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The REALTOR® Difference

As a REALTOR®, you know the value you bring to your clients and communities every day. The difference is real when working with a REALTOR® versus a non-member agent, and it’s important for consumers to understand that distinction.

While NAR’s ad campaign tells your story through paid advertising, consumers should also learn it from you, and in a consistent way. That's why NAR has developed language to help you and every member of the National Association of REALTORS® succinctly and consistently articulate the REALTOR® difference.

Please leverage this language and the assets below, with your current and future clients – share it on social, on your website, in your bios, and at the bottom of emails. Distinguish yourself by sharing the value of the REALTOR® brand which unites us.

As a reminder, NAR’s Consumer Ad Campaign also provides you with resources and assets from its award-winning “That’s Who We R” campaign.


Differentiating Language

Copy and paste this member value language into touchpoints with your clients and consumers to distinguish yourself as a REALTOR®. Please note that the three phrases below have been legally approved and must be used as-is. Please do not edit or revise the phrases.

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